another step along the way

To some a blog is long overdue but time has been invested in painting, studying and listening for God’s guidance on this journey.

Though it started almost 47 years ago, the past few have been intense, extreme and so very rewarding. Leaving home to work in other countries, leaving my job to become an artist, leaving a sense of security to walk on the water. It’s been hard, wonderful, sad, fabulous, crazy, exhilarating and its only just beginning.

I have a feeling that what is to come is going to really make the past few years seem tame. Hope you find it interesting enough to see where God leads. Because it’s not about me saying what I want for my life, its God saying, “follow Me”. (He knows what I like!)


2 thoughts on “another step along the way

  1. I haven’t known God all my life and He’s done some amazing things so I’m writing to share some of the details and hopefully it helps someone elses journey too. Thanks for stopping by!

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