are you ever confused about life?

What area do you feel is most confusing??

I think I have felt confused since birth and it hasn’t really changed. When I thought I had it figured out, something changed. I learned how to use my Franklin planner and felt I’d have the world working just the way I wanted it. Now that sits on a shelf and I feel like a sailboat letting the wind blow me where it will. (Luckily when I picture that its in warm waters!)

I know Christmas is this week but I do more reflecting of what God has done this year and anticipating what He has in store for the New Year when this season comes around. I’m not too much into extreme celebrations or giant meals at a dozen homes. I can’t blame that on my time in poverty areas since I felt that way before those travels. I really don’t know where I picked up that attitude but I’m OK with it and I know there are plenty of you out there to make up for me! So here’s to all your last minute shopping, gatherings, baking, decorating and cooking. I hope JOY in this season finds you more than busyness and that you don’t get too upset and let the breezes bring you where they may.

That’s the public meandering for the day…more always goes in the journal!!


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