I posted this challenge on facebook

List 10 people who have impacted your life for the better this year. Write a note/card ASAP and tell them (not email)!! The postal svc needs us and who doesn’t like to get an encouraging or thankful note instead of a bill. Who will join me?

Several took the challenge. I designed a card, printed and have the first 8 written and ready to send. I’ll finish in the morning. Who couldn’t use some encouragement? Hope you take up the challenge too!

2009 thank you card

One thought on “YEAR END CHALLENGE:

  1. Linda Aronson says:

    Not having facebook, I did not know this was a challenge you posed to others. BUT, as a recipient of your lovely thank you note, I must say, I am motivated to do the same. I will take up the challenge to do this. My first thought was, oh, I don’t think I can come up with 10…but after considering it more fully, I am happy to say it wasn’t hard at all to come up with 10 people who have made a difference in my life this year. Thanks for the suggestion, it is an awesome idea.

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