understanding you and others

Judi & Yollande

Helping at HAPI

I think many people are (like me) going through life trying to be liked, appreciated and helpful to others. We don’t always know if there is success in that unless there is feedback. How do we let others know what feedback helps? How do we give in a way that lets the recipient feel that they are cherished? (I don’t have this perfected and I’m still trying to figure out how some people really work!)

Several years ago I read “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman to help me TRY to figure out a relationship and I have to say it gave me insight into more people than just the one I was hoping to understand. We all have different ways of saying and hearing that love, appreciation and feedback.

Very similar in outreach work like that we do with HaitianArtisans.com in business and community development. We can give in a way that we feel is beneficial but if it isn’t what they really feel they need or desire, it was a wasted gift or in some cases a damaging gift.

So this New Year, take some time to get to know yourself…what brings you those feelings of love, appreciation and confirmation. Tell those closest (they can’t always guess correctly) and be OPEN to finding out what really helps them feel that as well. Check out the book if you want a bit of help. You won’t be disappointed in the improvement in your communications.


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