liking life

Many days I don’t like my life but yet I’m loving it. I think most will agree that this world, our economy, unemployment and closing businesses are enough to bring us to a low point in our morale BUT….. there is so much more to life that those outside factors. Inside I have what feels like a great spiritual relationship with Jesus, hopefully I’m not deceiving myself, and I’m doing what I love to do in creating, encouraging and helping others.

If I were watching TV, digging tooooo deep in facebook or following the news then comparing my life to others I might feel more discontent but I’d really rather be painting, reading or talking with others. I know I’m missing out on some history and happenings but are they really needed to have a fulfilling life? Does fashion, new CDs or knowing what latest celebrity made a mess of things help feed the soul?

I’m still struggling with some of this actually. I feel out of the loop sometimes but inside is a lot less confusion when I focus on my journey instead of everyone elses. Here’s hoping your path for 2010 meets your individual needs vs the worlds!


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