the good with the bad

taste or devour?

taste or devour?

We all have good and bad characteristics. A good one for me is listening and encouraging – some who like that in me don’t like another one of my charms – challenging them. Maybe I don’t always go about it in the right words or ways or sometimes it could just be their defensive nature. (I know I had a very defensive nature – art critique – no, so I’ll quit.) Internally, I still take peoples words and actions as attacks or I have a wonderful imagination that perceives things that don’t exist. Can you relate to that at all?

Somewhere in life we need to find and nurture those relationships that do challenge us. People we can feel comfortable with to share the hard things and even to hear the difficult messages they might return. Many call this a mentoring relationship. I wish it were part of a regular relationship but alas….as a society we have gotten so “self” conscious that we are afraid of speaking our minds or really listening to others. We are always right!!! We find safe friends that think the same, don’t criticize and love you even on a bad hair day. Instead of those who encourage us to get up – change something – live a little more.

Where am I going with this…I don’t always know, I just let the Spirit lead me with words or topics. Somewhere, someone needs to read this and make a few changes. I pray for your courage to take a step toward a future that was planned before your birth. That God will lead you, strenghen you and give you new insight into your divine calling and purpose. May He light the way and show you that even in the hard and bad times, He is preparing you for something great that will fulfill your soul!! blessings to you all…


4 thoughts on “the good with the bad

  1. I am right with you, friend. Let’s be real. Let’s have real relationships where we love each other, challenge each other, and grow together. I believe that is what we’re here for afterall. Thanks for that message, it’s a good one. Grab tight to God’s blessings today and let them flow!

  2. Doug Burkholder says:

    Ahh ,the Spirit ! A very wise man has told me recently that mine has stepped back into the shadows and the my soul is very tired ! It very hard sometimes to let your spirit lead when your in a sandpit thats has water coming up from the bottom! The master of lies and distractions can keep us very busy at just getting through the day . I am very happy for you that you can find a place inside you where beauty comes out of the spirit , a place I long to get back too!

    • It’s not there every day Doug. That’s why my 2010 motto is PRESS ON – Philippians 3. I’m going to end up memorizing that whole chapter because I don’t have it all figured out yet….I’m confused so often…but I AM going to PRESS ON for the more that God has in store! I pray your longing happens quickly!

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