more or less?

I like quotes. I love to find inspiration and challenge in other peoples words both spoken and written. And yes, I do like to pick and choose aswe all do with the people we converse with or what we chose to read. This one hits me in several ways and I’m sure will affect everyone differently.

“It is an ironic fact that while half the world’s population is dying as a result of diseases of poverty (largely starvation and infection) the other half is succumbing to diseases of affluence.” ~Malcolm Carruthers

I work with poverty in several places locally and internationally. What I have read, experienced and continue to learn is that we can’t overcome it without turning some to greed. There are many points to that like bringing major electronics and five pairs of shoes when helping in a poverty country or giving money everywhere instead of helping to find sustainable ways to change circumstances. The best way is through education. Not in making everyone think like you do but in helping them to learn to problem solve and dream of differences that would help. Yes – I do agree financial help is needed but some of that is enabling poverty to continue. I could go a lot deeper here but will save that for another time.

The other part is “affluence”. Why do I find it so difficult to be promoting myself and my work? Creativity is my business. I find it hard to charge others for “stuff” even when I pay for other peoples creations. I feel many of my paintings are treasures but to tell someone they should give me hundreds of dollars does not hit well. It is what the Holy Spirit said to do so I PRESS ON. I know it is part of the cosmic flow that you buy and sell, but some days I have arguments with God about it. I am used to being the one to help others through financial giving. Now I’m on a receiving end that is uncomfortable. These past three years my budget has gone down to the US poverty level and living each day on faith. Makes for a lot of difficult feelings but is also a freedom I hope I can some day express well in words.

The best feeling of all in this part of the journey is knowing I’m doing what I was created for. I am following the Spirit of God instead of the world’s message of security, stability and having all that you want. My needs are met, my soul is fed and a message gets translated via my life, my words and my creations. I’m thankful for the trips and work that helped me to see what living with less and finding contentment is about. Having your eyes opened can hurt and tear at your heart but it can be preparation for what you really need to do with your life.

…and now, on to laundry and the plumber has arrived.


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