other worlds

Yesterday I had a great time daydreaming about my upcoming trip to Colombia. Seeing my exchange student and family again, the opportunity to meet the child I sponsor through Compassion Intl and some time at the little family coffee farm in the mountains….painting the heavenly vistas.

The evening was spent working on the artisan page for the new HAPI website. As I uploaded photos of the women, it had me remembering conversations, hugs and many celebrations. Their singing was repeating over and over in ‘Merite Louranj’.

Today my heart is breaking again for the devastation that is in Haiti. For those who are trying to get their adoptions through quickly. The people that are fleeing Port au Prince for other areas that will not have the capacity or provisions for them. For those in outreach and ministry trying to help and sustain. For the care and rescue workers facing such tragic conditions. For reporters and photographers who are seeing death and destruction that will be buried in their hearts and minds forever. Post traumatic symptoms are a fact for so many and how to help in that way?
in the fog
Today will be very prayer filled day asking God to guide hands, hearts and people to those who need it most. That His Spirit would lead and rescues would continue. That listening to that small voice, steps of greatness would be seen. Thank you Lord that you hear the cries of Your people on behalf of Haiti and the world. That You can be everywhere. I pray too for those here who need Your guidance and grace.

A friend in Zambia another in Ethiopia and Daniella in Romania come to mind with how they are working to give hope, to bring change and possibilities. My little world of Michigan has been expanded so much in these past few years. I am thankful because I know it has lifted the fog in front of my eyes. It has helped me to see beyond my selfishness and my perceived needs to see that the majority of the world really needs so much more to barely survive. May you too be rescued and your eyes and hearts be opened to the needs locally and internationally. America is NOT the norm and most countries do not have the agencies of aid that we have here. I do know several in the US being refused help and lift them in prayer too.


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