recognizing a key

I have been working many extra hours on Haiti things and wrapping up projects before I leave for Colombia. I even thought of not going to church today and listening to a download from Bill Johnson instead. BUT Kerri is planning a Haiti Valentine benefit that HAPI will be a focus in so I wanted to bring some of the product that the Haitian Artisans make so I went. I knew our regular pastor was in India. Micah was the visiting worship leader and just returned from Zambia. I love his work and his messages. Then he introduced Teddy Davis to speak.

I recognized Teddy from the Holland Blast basketball team. He was then the asst coach and now is the head coach. I helped the Blast with graphics work in the 2008 season and with their nonprofit paperwork. They had talked of me being the director of the outreach in Holland but I had a very firm message from God that I was supposed to concentrate on art not non-profits at that time. Teddy works with Urban Youth Ministries in Holland and talked of his life growing up in Chicago and his start in gangs there and here. His time in prison and how God captured his attention once he really decided to not just believe but say OK Jesus – I’m ready for more.

Impact was big in how he talked about God bringing him and his wife to work with youth even though they both have prison backgrounds. He was kicked out of school yet his life is doing immeasurably more than he ever thought or imagined. Sounds like the turn around and amazing things in my life too. (no prison but my life was not pretty.) He also talked about being side tracked and how God still uses our time of following the wrong path when we get on the right one we see more of the big picture.

One of his closing comments was from Revelations 12:11 we have overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. ALL WEEK LONG – this song (link below) has been going through my mind. I never heard of the band but its been implanted. It was like “Ah…I found a key! Now what door does it open?” I talked a little with Teddy and we’ll sit down next week and talk and pray and see where God is leading….cause – it’s not about me folks….its about living for God’s glory and goodness. I have most certainly found that in doing that – I bless others and I find heaven right here on what can be a very ugly earth. Ideas that keep floating in my head and my heart are to help others not be limited by circumstances, surroundings or negative thought patterns. Those are individual choices we make….not anyone elses fault but most definitely influenced by others. If someone says you’re no good, you can’t do it, you’ll never succeed – you will believe that until you make a decision to ignore it and OVERCOME. I wrote and taught a class on some of that last year and have a feeling its supposed to expand. So I press on to find ALL that God has in store locally and internationally. We’ll see where the road leads… We Will Overcome – Desperation Band.


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