back in the saddle

What do you think of when you hear “back in the saddle”? First thoughts to my mind are same old thing and horseback riding. Other thoughts are is it comfortable? Can you hang on? Will you fall? Are you even supposed to be in this saddle?

My recent two weeks in Colombia brought me back to some things from years ago and introduced many new. I stayed again with my exchange student’s family in the city and at the farm. I got out my old watercolors and Yupo paper and spent some time painting and even more time taking photos. I was able to do some horseback riding, a jungle climb for a cave tour in Rio Claro, riding the new cable car system up the mountains and revisiting the botanical gardens that have been in renewal for the past three years. A wonderful trip filled with lots of natural and unnatural beauty. Challenging me in many ways.

New things were meeting my Compassion Intl child Juan Camilo, his twin sister Maria and mother along with the director of the project. It was a beautiful time. I met many of the family’s friends and traveled a lot of winding roads around mountains. New foods, surprise fruits and now that I’m home, its back in another saddle to finish a commission and continue creating, getting taxes ready and listening…..

I’m hearing some birds, seeing some sunshine and listening even further for the Holy Spirit to guide. I could take matters into my own hands but I’ve learned that God has much bigger and generally better plans than I do. Patience and listening are key for me. All of our lives and journey’s will not look the same. Even if marketing plans, peer pressure or parental demands say we should have a life like “SoAndSo”, God knows that we are each made unique. We all act, reacting, talk, dream, dance and live differently. (THANKFULLY!) Does that mean its all happy and great? No – but it feels right for ME and where God wants me to be. It feels peaceful. Like the birds singing or in Colombia when they were playing and bathing in the fountain….simple and refreshing.

Think about your journey…are you doing things to win approval, be accepted, find love, please God, control others? Are you like so many that you’re only thinking about pleasing yourself? (ouch…that hits me too) How about taking some time to help someone else without expectation. You don’t need to travel internationally to do this, you might need to get out of your comfort zone though!

Click to see highlights from the trip

Wishing you some great explorations and listening.


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