what do you see?

After putting together my newsletter today (sign up here) I really wanted to dig a little further into how a recent painting speaks to me. That way you can put your comments on “What Do You See?” too. If you give permission, I could even put your thoughts on my webpage with the painting. So please share if so inspired.

I started this painting on January 10, 2010. It is from a photo of a beautiful little girl in Haiti who is an orphan. In Haiti, orphan can mean many things. Sometimes it means both parents are deceased. Many times it means the child’s parents felt the child would get more opportunity and have a better chance of surviving if they were left with others.

This young girl’s name is Nalda. Two days after I started this painting I heard of the earthquake that tore apart Port au Prince. The city that Nalda called home. I checked with a friend and found that Nalda was safe. But I’m sure her life and her outlook has been changed forever. I know that mine certainly has since I was in prayer about traveling to Haiti in January.

When I originally saw the photo of Nalda, I saw beauty. I was told that she is a strong willed but wonderful girl. So often that strong will is part of a self-protection mode. When I looked closer at her eyes I saw a glimpse of curiousity, as if she were wondering “what is out there?” When I started to look further the light reflections made me think of an angel. This was actually before I started painting. I think Nalda’s Angel was right there beside her during this earthquake and I know I will be keeping her and the people of Haiti in my prayers. This may not continue in the news with more earthquakes happening around the world but Haiti is now a part of me no matter where God leads me in the future.

Let me know your thoughts about “What Do You See?” and Nalda’s story.


2 thoughts on “what do you see?

  1. I hadn’t read many of the new posts on your blog, so I had some catching up to do. Each post is so thoughtful and inspiring and I just wanted to thank you for that.

    This is a beautiful painting! The way you rendered the reflection in her eye caused me to notice the angel right away. I really like the way you use many of your paintings to make a statement, not loud and bold, but soft and gentle. 2 Timothy 2:24 “And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men . . .

    You’re a great example of this, Judi.

    • Thanks Cathy – you are also inspiring to me! The frame actually brought the angel out. That was quite a transformation and shock to the gallery owner who hadn’t noticed it as we were searching for the right one! (Some days I’m very loud and proud too – God is amazing!)

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