another phase

The mountains are evolving….just like us!

One big reason for my lack of posts was to see how to make this blog into an art gallery. I found some interesting things but unsure of the direction and know I have limited time right now. Garden, house, painting and people keep me busier in the warm months. It’s the part of the year I love.

New things happen each day for us to react to and respond. I have several major areas I am seeking answers in prayer on. One was just answered the other day and I am making plans to go to Guatemala again. That was not in my normal schedule but hey….what is normal? I wasn’t taught to live one day at a time but I’m being transformed to that brainset these past few years. I really does help with stress relief. Why worry about tomorrow. It’s not here yet!

Another hard part of a business too. It is the “normal” thought to have a five year plan. I don’t even know if I will live in this country in five months so I have given up on the year portion. Stress free is not my life BUT it does feel very freeing to just focus on being here – now and leaving the rest in God’s very capable hands.


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