what is success

Sweet Dreams

I have been praying about this a bit. I think of what many view as success and discussions I used to have with grandma. We would chat a lot and to her it would come out with a list like this. Good marriage and kids that turn out, jobs that give enough and extra maybe for a cottage, boats, trips and retirement savings. I didn’t make gram’s list except for the trips! She lived to be 93 and I loved their cottage! I would love to talk with her about my life now…so much has changed.

I’ve been asking God what success means to Him. Is it about investments, knowledge, wisdom, works, faith? The big things coming out of our time are listening and obedience. In Matt 11:15 Jesus says, “Are you listening to me? Really listening?” John 10:25 “My sheep recognize my voice. I know them, and they follow me.”


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