enough is enough

Face It

How many times have you used this phrase? Or maybe a better question is how often? It relates to all areas of life. Trials that seem to suck you dry. Health or heartache pain that makes you cry out for mercy. Loneliness even when you’re with other people. Sometimes even laughter that brings tears to your eyes and agony to your gut.

How can we really determine when enough is enough? If you think about humility – Jesus was crucified…wasn’t his beating enough? Life is filled with questions that don’t have logical answers. Faith is filled with even more of them. Some days I don’t try to understand…I breathe in, read, digest, ponder and hope that at the right time, the wisdom I need will make all these things make more sense.

For today…that is enough. “Who in the world do you think you are to second-guess God?” Rom 9:19-21


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