letting go

Ready for Flight

I don’t understand it but yesterday seemed like a day of letting go.

It feels like my grip on life…it relaxed more. Like leaves when they fade for the season…they are ready to be blown to their next destination.

Now to wait, listen and see what God has in store. I realize not all hear God’s voice, but I pray you will…like Samuel saying, “Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.”

From my God journal…
I do not see clearly a direction here. I see a mess. Help me to see with your eyes…with the Spirit guiding.
My child, the time has come. It will not be long. You will see clearly and know.
What Lord?
Wait – Listen. Don’t strive but relax. The work has been done. You don’t accomplish it, you receive it. Continue creating – speaking – sharing.


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