love languages

Joshua dog (not to confuse with Joshua boy)

Around holidays I usually have an attitude. Mainly because my Love Languages are not about food, gifts, glitter or glamour. Awesome book if you haven’t read. DON’T buy for your spouse but for yourself. It can really help you understand others.

As we get older, the kids grow up (youngsters in 20’s now), its not quite the same to ask who wants beer or wine instead of eggnog or fancy punch.

My sister’s dog will be missed too. Joshua loved presents. Yes, doggies have a love language too. Many times his favorite toys were wrapped so he didn’t feel left out while we continued with ours.

I’m missing lots of people this holiday season. BUT joy is deep in me because of Christ…nothing can change that attitude!!

“Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.” ~Rosalind Russell


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