the birth

Merry Christmas to All

Think of it…shame surrounded baby Jesus on all fronts. He was not from mom and dad’s union, a family disgrace who was born in a dirty stable.

Jesus was born to earthly parents and lived humbly, yet really a king. Honored as a baby by those wise men, yet scorned, persecuted and crucified because it was part of the plan.

Hard to grasp if you just read it or hear the stories. I know I felt it was too bizarre but I asked God to shed some light. I asked for understanding, took time to listen and prayed regularly for an open mind and heart. (I wasn’t always open so it took awhile!)

When we do ask, seek, knock; He does share more with us. Not always all we want at once. But could we even handle that?

I pray you are open to receiving more of His “presence.”


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