ready for new

Sweet Dreams

I know some people take this last week of the year to reflect on “What’s happened?” and “What’s ahead?”

I know these recent years I have done WHAT questions a bit more. Following God doesn’t come with a detailed road map so you need to get your bearings.

Those who have a specific calling like to work with a specific country, outreach or people group might seem to have it made and easy direction…but I’m not so sure…

Sometimes I think we focus on one thing so much that we limit ourselves being used for further amazing things. Or we get so comfy doing something we know, we don’t want any ripples in the pond and it takes a giant wave to loosen our grip so we can reach a new and beautiful shore.

“A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible.” ~Welsh Proverb


One thought on “ready for new

  1. Linda Aronson says:

    Good food for thought. Recently I was thinking how my regular commitments make me feel secure that I am doing what I should be and that my life is currently all mapped out for me. But what if I’m supposed to change my commitments to something totally new and different? I wonder….

    I need to keep listening for God’s direction…perhaps new or maybe an additional road He wants me to try?

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