the little tests


Some days want you to react to them. Sometimes with joy and other times frustration – or any range of emotions in there. Yesterday I had challenges with graphics for my website and I didn’t get started on the newsletter as desired.

A question I ask when this happens…. “Will the world end if it’s not done?”

Nope. I don’t have that much pull.

Now God – He has the tough job! Sun, moon, sea…He has to keep it going and never rests from that. Not even a Sabbath if you think about it. Reading the Gospels lately and all the arguing about Jesus healing on the Sabbath. They didn’t focus on it because it was a real issue, but so they could twist things for their purposes.

Is it really bad or good? How often do we do the same?

“Are you looking at the problem or the possibilities……it’s a choice.” Kathy Vallotton


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