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did I fail

I’m confused. Last night was monthly critique and I had a painting I wanted some feedback on before a competition in February. BUT do you drive 40 miles in snow for opinions? I decided nope and kept working on the newsletter.

Around 6pm (meeting at 7:30) I felt God/Spirit telling me to go. I argued but He was adament. OK…You’re in charge. I bundled up, hit the highway and max speed was 55mph. I kept muttering, “This is lunacy.” Approaching the first ramp I was ready to exit but drove on…roads got worse. Then I said, sorry God…can’t do it, next exit, I’m heading home.

Did I fail? Do I get points for going out the door?

There are many stories where God asks people to do uncomfortable things. Not my first time but I don’t know if I blew it or if I’ll ever understand it.

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