photo by Shelly Stammis

One year ago, the extreme tragedy of the Haitian Earthquake shook the world. I was contacting my US friends for news from our Haitian Artisans group. Phone lines were gone. One short call was received.

We felt so helpless – ready to do what we could yet unable because so much was unknown. We finally had news that all in Mizak were OK and one friend in Port au Prince had lost his mother to injuries. Pictures kept being emailed and I searched out the news. We had some medical teams go right away and travel through the Dominican Republic.

I had started a painting on Jan 10 of Nalda, an orphan in Haiti. Actually it was her eyes that captured me (she is a sweetie). I found out that she too made it safely. Yet…emotionally they will never be the same. Since my time with them in 2007, I will never be the same. Seasons of hurricanes do not prepare anyone for something like this.

The magnitude of this still cripples the nation. Promised aid – not reaching the people whether tied up with bureaucracy, stolen or never given…we may never know. But Haiti and the Haitian people still deserve prayer and help to rebuild.

I’m very HAPI to continue helping with Haitian Artisan for Peace International in Mizak, Haiti. Check out their stories at HaitianArtisans.com or our Facebook page.

Tears…smiles of remembrance…awe of the change in me and for them…and thankfulness to God for directing me there.


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