lets chat

The Dock

Communication isn’t about one person blabbing and the other trying to get a word in. It’s about sharing, listen, talk, listen, talk… I use to think God didn’t speak to us…I was wrong.

How do you “hear” the Spirit of God speaking?

(Some don’t hear Him and would like to…here’s a fun article!)

I first heard about this in teachings using “Experiencing God” by Henry and Richard Blackaby. Not all hear the same way and God can change how He speaks to you. If you find repeat messages – take notice! I journal them and lately review my notes frequently to see what reoccurs.

Just as earthly relationships change and adjust so does our Heavenly relationship. It will flourish if nourished! There is so much to study and experience with Father, Son and Spirit, I don’t spend time comparing other religions or spiritual practices. When teaching doesn’t seem the same, I ask and listen.

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