My insides are torn for a friend in a whirlwind. How do you help someone that feels comfort in their cyclone?

You know solid ground is there if they take time. Yet they cling and you can’t even grab their hand when they reach out.

Some say I am a good listener, often I wonder. I know we cannot change anyone’s situation for them…they must do that themselves. How do we come alongside if they keep running and or hiding? This world can seem ruthless and when we keep REACTING we churn up more muddy water.

I’m learning in my own turmoil to be still and cling to Jesus, my Rock. Sitting with my Rock…I know the waves will NOT wash me aside. A place of safety and refuge.

…Many don’t dare to sit, be still or reach out to Jesus.
Life is difficult – I agree, but many cyclones need not be.

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