neurons unite

Shower of Blessings: Are We Open To Receive?

After Monday’s post, mom mentioned The Neurocore seminar I had seen that is amazing on how the brain works. Next, a speaker’s video showed how neuron paths change with transformed thought patterns.

I think many are so used to going to people for solutions, forgetting God is Creator, Healer, Counselor, Provider and more. Or maybe thinking God can do those things, but probably not for me. I am/was guilty of the same.

Almost 10 years ago I was hearing talk about prayers being answered and people being healed at International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Grand Rapids, I went for my neck and the numbing tingles down my arms. The neurosurgeon and I had decided against cow bone fusion. Glad to say the tingles left, no nerve damage and unfortunately I can’t say it was immediate with the prayer BUT….I continue in faith and trust that God still does miracles.


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