mouse in the house

Some humor this weekend was watching cats go up and down to the basement where it seems a mouse found some hidden access point.

Two girl cats, Symi the sportster and Calli the queen, did not uncover the whereabouts but led to some evidence. Thankfully no noises in the middle of the night.

When in Haiti we had a roommate mouse. My bunk mate would sleep right through the little creature hitting the plastic on the box springs. I didn’t. I kept expecting it to jump on the bed….ugh!! No electricity to see the little bugger but we did spot it one morning in the sunlight.

It went into the back of a cabinet. We thought we had it cornered but drawers were locked so we couldn’t get it. We called our host to help us. When the drawer was opened…a whole family was found. The five Haitian men JUMPED. More to that story but we’ll save face for all :0)

We’ll see what happens here in Michigan with my non-mouser cats.


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