what if

"Day of Paradise"

Do you know people that use that phrase regularly? What if you… What if they… What if when… many times its inquisitive kids. A nephew did that a lot growing up. Still does it a bit but thankfully not every sentence.

During project meetings, brainstorming and dreaming I think it’s a valid question. I like to hear peoples stories and thought processes. To listen to them dream and plan…and develop their ideas.

There really are many people that don’t ask What if… Instead all is planned out so no part of their life will be out of control. Is that a good thing?

Faith – trust – walking on water – I still want to read the John Ortberg book again “If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat.”

What if the water doesn’t hold you?
What if you get out of the boat but you’re not walking on water?
What if you find out that you can soar?


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