dare to be bold


*Each painting in my Sunflower Series has a verse from the Psalms on the painted sides. No frame needed.

“When I called, you answered me; you made me bold and stouthearted.” Psalm 138:3

Many times while reading the Bible…you run accross words not in your normal vocabulary or that you just want to look at more.

BOLD – as an artist, I think of this as something that stands out, draws your attention or defies the norm.

STOUTHEARTED – I’m used to stout in my BIL’s brewing conversations and think of heavy and to me…not tasty. M-W says courageous and stubborn.

Are you stubborn for the things of God?

Are you courageous when He tells you to step out?(Others say I have courage…why do I feel like a wimp?)

Are you bold in sharing your spiritual journey?

God’s word isn’t just nice fluff. There are many challenging sections asking us where we really stand. When reading good and bad…if it tugs at your heart, ask God, “Am I like that?”

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