"In the Distance I" at Thistle Gallery

Last night the cats went into hiding, afraid of the noises that came with a storm. The floor vibrating had me wondering if I should run but what BEAUTY!!

The lightning brings such an intensity and I enjoy nature’s symphony! After more garden prep and preening, I’m thanking God for the good watering.

The magnolia was prime on Monday…petals keep falling, creating a white carpet. Soon the green comes and the cycle of its shade is welcomed.

I’ve heard some teachings on cycles in our spiritual lives. One from Graham Cooke about times of hiddenness. Others relating our lives to seed.

Plant, water, nuture, ripen, harvest then die and go to seed – Rest and repeat.

In our cycle some part of our being dies so that NEW can spring forth. Goes with 2 Corinthians 9 mentioned yesterday.

Rest and repeat.

2 thoughts on “storms

  1. Aunt Melanie says:

    I just love the power and beauty of thunderstorms–I am actually drawn to it. The crackling and booming sounds resonate with some part of me that seldom if ever gets expressed. At other times, however, the weather can be destructive. I wonder what the cycle would call for when the harvest is devastated. Maybe, just faith.

    • Judi says:

      ….and hope Aunt Melanie! My work in Haiti and where God has led in my own life seem like those devastated places but He does work all things out for good to those who believe! Your comments do make me think some more so I appreciate them.

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