bye bye old – hello new


…well recycled new.

My shed has been falling apart. The doors don’t close, mold is growing on the paint and critters have chewed openings so they can use it.

Originally my friend and I were going to use some of the wood for shelving in the garage but he was able to find leftover pieces from his construction jobs for that. So shed….sorry but scrap pile for most of you.

Yesterday I started demolition. I tore the shelves out so they can become my new veggie center, high and out of reach for hungry bunnies. One inch too long and after that cut, I’m set! I just hope the plants bring a nice harvest to share with others.

We often look at things and sometimes people as useless, trash, doomed, or ugly. BUT…all things (YES – ALL THINGS) have value and usefulness if you look beneath the surface. me…

penicillan from mold….bricks from dirt….strength from trials….life from death


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