running away

"Shyness" work in process

Do you ever have a difficult situation that eats at your mind, your insides, your confidence…you don’t dare to speak, stare it down and if you walk away…it follows you?

Yup – it still happens to me too.

Several stories where people are unknowingly applauding each other but feel they are failing each other. Internal assumptions and being our own worst critics.

I think of the verses in James of confessing to one another. Often when we share our feelings, we realize that is not how the other read the situation. We could find peace if we only dared to confront or ask.

Mom and I were always on pins and needles. Confrontation, tears and hugs and finally we can really talk again. (Thank you Lord!)

Car repair shop, he didn’t hear me say start because I asked for a quote on another part. I called to see if done…it hadn’t been started. We didn’t blame, we both apologized and talked. It’s still there and I trust them because of open and humble communication.

Don’t let those assumptions or accusations get in the way. Part of humility is also to face, admit and forgive.

Try it. You might find the pathway cleared so dignity and relationships are restored. OR you can let it keep eating away at your peace….but why??


One thought on “running away

  1. Thank you for writing about confrontation. Sure it’s scary and uncomfortable at first, but it’s necessary and if done correctly can bring so much healing and momentum. I find that few people understand this, and potential relationships ruined because of fear of confrontation and communication.

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