faith of a father


As others were celebrating their father’s this weekend, I was home with memories.

Losing my dad at thirteen, I really was glad mom remarried. My step-dad was a Christian and I didn’t know how much I really liked that part at the time. Now I’m very thankful.

He too passed away and I started going to church with my mom. Not really understanding the lingo or my Savior.

It was there, my step-sister and I introduced mom to number three. (teehee) He passed too…sigh. We could look at the negative but oh what blessings there were!!!

All of these father’s impacted my life. They were not all perfect daddy’s but each one of them brought goodness.

So I celebrate my Heavenly Father.

After losing earthly father’s, I felt an even bigger hole in my life and yet Jesus introduced me to that rich relationship with God, filling the space no earthly person could.

Thank you Daddy!


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