be my everything

Worship songs often get me thinking later in the day.

Have you ever asked Jesus to “Be my everything?”

Maybe like me you said, “Sure Jesus – You are my Savior BUT Counselor, Provider, Healer, Redeemer, Sustainer – that might be getting too personal.”

I know after what I have experienced so far, I DO want HIM to be my everything.

I don’t think a well worn path will show the way. So how do I know? What does that look like? Where’s the list to follow? Or maybe there’s a person, like Moses, that can show me the way.

I think a lot of spiritual journeys are more emulations of another human instead of letting the Holy Spirit lead. The disciples lives were not exact replicas of Jesus….they were letting the Spirit lead where HE needed them to go. Just as Jesus did since He came in human form.

Lead on Spirit!

about the 5:00 mark


One thought on “be my everything

  1. Judi says:

    I am finding after I write that a devotional or message I get the next day has similar message.

    “God never makes one person a carbon copy of another. God has a specific, individual plan for each one of His children. If He can but open our ears and we turn to Him and yield to Him, He’ll reveal it to us.” – Derek Prince

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