Father knows best

"Where's Your Focus?"

I remember very distinctly asking God if I could just concentrate on one thing and be VERY good at it. Actually….MANY times.

I know LOTS of little things.

Acounting but not CPA or taxes.
Software but not programming.
Technologies but outdated.
Art but not history or variety.
Missions but not one country.

I was recently hired for some contract work with Good Samaritan Ministries. Part-time with my other job at CultureWorks Institute for Creative Arts and I’m seeing clearly how He’s using past learnings to help in places that DO NEED the varied skills He’s generously given.

He’s told me very boldly I’ll need and use it all.

I know how to swap out a sump-pump, but hopefully I don’t have to do that! Someone said, “Someday you’ll make someone a good husband.” I grinned.

God knows the master plan dear ones…let Him work His wonders. He’s known for great results!

3 thoughts on “Father knows best

  1. Thank you!
    I am Autistic and I have dyslexia. I never understood the problems I faced each day. When I started blogging it was a complete accident, I didn’t read properly what I typed into. I used my gamer name and Alienhippy’s blog was born.
    I can see now that it was a God incident.
    What I have lived and how my mind works helps others.
    NT parents raising ASD kids get a window into what their children cannot verbalise yet.
    God is amazing.
    I have a little moto that I say to myself.
    I am Aspie-happy,
    I’m a multi coloured rainbow
    And…I turn negativity upside down.
    I can only do this through Him who gives me strength.
    Autism can be extremely isolating, but for the first time in my life I feel God has brought me friends and a family who REALLY understand me.
    Thank you for your beautiful post it really made me think.
    Love and hugs to you friend.
    Lisa. xx 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing Lisa. “I turn negativity upside down.
      I can only do this through Him who gives me strength.”

      He’s created you and said VERY GOOD!

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