memories that follow you home

My Nephew got his first solo apartment and asked for advice on furniture and colors. (Hopefully we do some co-creating of art!)

A variety of creativity is in the family. My Uncle did upholstery so my house is hand-me-down furniture. Many memories come with each piece.

My Great Aunt’s cedar chest which still has things from high school and the letters my old boyfriend sent when in the Navy. Someday they will go but he was a good writer!

My kitchen table was on the porch at my grandparent’s cottage. I refinished with it my step-dad. Oh the card games played with family and neighbors and all the meals. It’s part of my studio space now so memories replay regularly.

Grandpa’s old chair and ottoman were what I requested when Gram asked what we might like. My Uncle had reworked it just for Gramp’s long body. It was a napping chair after family dinners.

New things from IKEA, deals from my job at Herman Miller and many call my “Artist’s Cottage” cozy and inviting. The gardens are another story. I think I’ll try for a photo tour next week. If I’m not rained out, that will be part of the weekend.

We all have history that is carried along with us to our homes. Some is good, some we’d love to leave behind. It may seem like we don’t get to pick and chose but….I think much of that choice is ours.

Hang on to what is good. Shake off what is not.
If the dirt keeps clinging…get some help to scrub!

Enjoy your 4th of July – celebrating freedom!

Thank you Lord for making that possible in so many different ways.


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