victim of circumstances


Many extra fireworks and party sounds this weekend. Apparently noise is great cover for someone to go through the neighborhood seeking lootable treasures.

In the morning, I found my car door open and stored contents all over the seat. My change purse and ipod shuffle were gone. My outdated CD player….still there. Not big treasures but apparently worth jail.

I consider it minor but still unsettling since I think it happened just after I turned out my lights. One cat acted a bit strange. The police ask me to file a report and told me several happened in the area.

Desperation, fun, pressure?

Why do people chose to do these types of things?

As I went out to the garden I was remembering “pray for your enemies.” So I did….

Heavenly Father – touch their hearts, return to ALL what was stolen and let them see Your light and know what’s right.


3 thoughts on “victim of circumstances

  1. Aunt Melanie says:

    I am assuming that the thieves were kids or teenagers–but I could be wrong. I think a lot of kids nowadays are not necessarily bad or mean, but they are silly, aimless, lacking common sense, not able to think things through. Many of them are already drinking alcohol or using drugs; some were probably born with fetal alcohol syndrome. They have grown up with video games that promote violence. Kids will always get into mischief, but there seems to be a concept of “fun” nowadays that includes serious antisocial actions. I would not be surprised if they took photos of themselves on their cell phones–just to brag and laugh.

    You were right to pray for them–you might be the only person in the whole world who ever prayed for them. You were also right to call the police–because they will not learn to respect other people’s rights and boundaries unless there are some repercussions.

    Follow your cat’s instincts, and pray always.

  2. Aunt Melanie says:

    I also live in a safe area, and I often leave my car unlocked. Sometimes, though, that small self-protective voice in my head would tell me to lock it. I always keep it locked on Halloween–and I hope the Fourth of July is not going become like Halloween. Anyway, after your experience, I am going to keep my car locked always. You were lucky, in a real sense, that they did not take a knife and slash the interior.

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