use your imagination

Sweet Dreams

Just imagine if we didn’t have those inventive sorts that twiddled with fibers and sparks to create electricity.

Newer generations don’t understand life before ipods, google and texting.

No working AC in my car has me remembering our first car with power steering, windows and AC. Seemed like a Cadillac.

A long discussion with our next long-term volunteers for Haiti. We try to prepare them here a bit. Then someone (me this trip) introduces them to our Haitian team.

How to really explain life with no running water or regular electricity in 2011?

Pack less clothes and plan to wear them again without washing. Maybe extra deodorant though. Yeah – like camping. Flashlight is important.

I remember the bucket they gave us for our room. We didn’t use it!

I suggested listing what they felt they couldn’t live without. Then praying to see what God says should be left behind. I’m sure we’ll chat more.


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