the weather warning

A facebook friend with “weatherman” blood, gave a storm alert. I read possible 80mph winds. News said it hit 60mph with the rain that cut across West Michigan.

I ran my errand and was almost to the office when it started. Intense enough a few of us sat in our cars waiting for a break. An hour later we were looking out the building at a horizontal river above ground.

Two years ago Holland was a flood zone after similar rains lasted all night. No floods this time but I have no idea where the wood chips will go.

I called my mom 25 miles away…she said there was a branch on the roof…didn’t say it was because 1/2 of a tree fell. My Aunt had a tree land on her mobile home and water damage inside.

I’m not much help to all affected but I can pray.

Prayer does not fit us for the greater works; prayer is the greater work.
Oswald Chambers


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