down hill roll

A couple years ago I was at our local Tulip Time with my pregnant friend and her young son. He and I decided to go up the hill and roll down. He was first to the top. I was a bit dizzy.

Last night, another community event and their family stopped to say hello. A different park but still a grassy hill begging for action. With mom’s permission we went to the top and picked a spot to roll again.

Then I went back to work to help lots of young ones paint little masterpieces.

Somedays you just need to “be like a child” again. My shorts and more got off center but memories like that are worth it!

It is never too late to have a happy childhood. ~Tom Robbins

Try it… Maybe blowing some soap bubbles, running through a sprinkler or watching the clouds as they become new creatures.

2 thoughts on “down hill roll

    • Sorry Kristine…I can relate somewhat. 48 and never married, no children of my own. Thankfully some younger friends that let me love on their great kids now that my niece and nephews are all grown up. Just find some kids :o) and be one!

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