written in His book

Do you ever feel bad because you know something you did wasn’t what God wanted?

Do you try to hide it and worry at judgment day it will be held against you?

Yesterdays scratched the surface of forgiveness. He says we are completely forgiven through Christ. As I continued reading in Revelation I read three places about His Book showing our reward “according to what was done.” Footnotes say it’s about the GOOD things done not the bad. Not a Works philosophy but definitely not a concentration on our bad list ONCE we receive the grace and forgiveness of Jesus.

If you’ve been worrying yourself about those bad actions – shift your focus to His amazing grace.

He loved you enough to die to cleanse you of all sins….sins past, present and future. Not that He wants us to sin further but when He said, “It is finished.” He meant it!


3 thoughts on “written in His book

  1. I have often thought about this and worried that people would still judge me in heaven as they do on earth. Thank you for this post. God works differently than man; I need to remember this.

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