the best for you

I’ve been around many ministries the past several years. It’s not surprising so many eagerly give, but shocking how often it’s leftovers instead of their best. I admit guilt here too.

When handing out Gleaners food…I found it very hard to give the bad food. I understand outdated usually only means it can’t be sold. I realize worn clothes are easier to give than those we like but lately I’m examining my heart on this.

God gave His very best for us…Jesus.

He asks us if we are ready to give everything of our being to Him and like the rich young ruler, it’s difficult. To me it seems easier to give God everything than to another person. God is worthy but are they?

Someone once asked, “Who would you die for?”

Maybe a better question is who did Christ die for?

Are we really being like Christ?

Each one of them is Jesus in disguise.
Mother Teresa

5 thoughts on “the best for you

  1. Giving out of excess, left-overs, hand-me-downs, out-dated…reminds me of the “widows mite” (Mark 12:43-44). Hadn’t considered this before, but I do now. Excellent post!

  2. The Widow’s mite was on my mind too. And the preferred seats for the well dressed. In Haiti you can’t go in most churches with proper clothes or shoes. So if you don’t own any….you might be allowed to sit outside but the little piglet that wanders in the open doorway is OK.

  3. Aunt Melanie says:

    When I used to work for ‘the firm’ in the city, I wore nice clothing. However, I limited myself to a certain number of business suits, slacks and sweaters, weekend casual stuff, etc. I enjoyed shopping and I had adequate money. So, everytime I bought something new, I took something ‘old’ out of my closet and donated it to a thrift shop. If I bought a new sweater, for example, I gave an old but still nice one away. I am not sure that I was entirely spiritual in my giving–it may have been more of a recycling process.

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