fresh produce

$10 worth of seeds for lettuce, spinach and basil….and some sunflowers and zinnias. Peppers and tomatoes in 6 packs of little plants for $1.50, so another $10, then you think you have veggies…

Because of critters, I used several different containers and only put a few in the ground…expecting those to be eaten. Wrong…a few were chewed but ground plantings are doing much better.

It felt good to tend to veggies more than window boxes but ALL plants like freedom. Containers seldom give the space for the roots or air to the dirt Mother Nature provides.

Containing God doesn’t give Him the roots or breathing room in our lives that brings the best harvest either.

Are you keeping God in a box or a book? He needs room. His Spirit needs freedom and space to PRODUCE – for Him and for us.

The garden has given lots of food for thought this year – and great salads!


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