late payments

Mural in Haiti - 2009

ahhhhhhhhhh what a feeling.

After four years of irregular income and months of collection calls. I told the last collector, “YES – I can pay the past-due amount next week.” She said if you do it by this date we will credit $90.

I remember when they offered this and I had ZERO income so no matter what “special offer” – I couldn’t pay a dime. That wasn’t a good feeling.

Often in a faith journey you wonder God’s purpose for the bad stuff.

I may never understand but it’s brought such a full and deep relationship with Father, Son and Spirit, I can’t regret this time.

Mortgage yet to resolve but He said I won’t lose anything… I lost some sleep, weight and credit rating but what are those compared to walking with Him? (One debt the finance charge was reduced to zero…I did not mind that loss at all!)

I think of the pearl…irritation is needed for it to be formed. Without it you’re stuck with nothing or a cheap imitation.

Now time to get ready for a trip back to Haiti – where they showed me how to live simply and with joy…it helped a lot through this time.

Thank you for prayers – I know many of you were covering my back! God bless you!

The journey ain’t over but I will keep praising!!


6 thoughts on “late payments

  1. There is never darkness in Praise
    You will find the path God is leading you towards
    Praise till He up-lifts
    Thank you for your honesty,Judi
    My husband and I lost our home in a short sale situation
    We helped our son with his home, he lost his job so we had short sale
    his home – the process has taken almost a year and its not over
    I can feel God’s presence but I know He leads us elsewhere
    God Bless You in Haiti

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