getting behind – catching up

the NEW playground - yeah!

Do we ever really catch up?

Are we ever really behind?

In our great micromanaged world it seems getting up early or ignoring something else helps us get more done. It’s what I was thinking before heading back to Haiti…a place life seems much simpler.

Waiting in Port au Prince airport on for our return flight and seeing another delay posted…most conversation I heard was about fault and fixing.

How often are detours for our benefit?

Many are remembering 9/11 events and how altered plans saved lives. What about in the simple scheme of our days? How often are frustration and disappointment our reactions?

Take a 10 day challenge of rejoicing in ALL things. Thanking God for changing the day. Praising how HE works all things for good. Sharing joy everywhere – no matter the obstacles! Your attitude won’t be forgotten.

….as I try for the umpth time to get my photos to not be corrupted in the download….thank you Lord for the memories – captured and not….


4 thoughts on “getting behind – catching up

  1. Love it! Altered plans do save life’s. When we give in to God’s plan and give up our plans – our life is truly altered.
    Thank you for going the distance and being involved in the workings of Christ!
    Prayers for your day

  2. Richard L Rice says:

    Glad you’re back! One thing I recently read by John Grisham made me think about catching up or falling behind. It’s the idea that in most of the world they care little about the time, only the day. They think only of the now, not next year.

    Surely there are things that must be done now, but most things can wait. So where are your photos? Why aren’t they posted? Would you hurry up and tell us everything!!!

    Blessings with a smile 🙂

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