nuts are everywhere

Are you a nutcracker?

Haiti has almonds everywhere. We pay the premium for them in the US. The nut is so tough outside you pound with rocks and dig out the centers with fingernails or other things. Yes, hammers or nut crackers would be convenient but this is Haiti folks.

Some industrious kids showed us exactly what it takes. I reminded my fellow travelers hands and rocks weren’t so clean, be careful. It might be what gave Ash his “Haitian Happiness” but we all sampled.

Later on a walk, two of our harvestors were ready for more. For who, I don’t know but a great lesson in giving what you have.

I think of a song from prayer group by our local Old Man Worship Band “Silver and gold I do not have, but what I have I give to you.”

The rest of the story makes it seem so simple how miracles are done. “In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” Acts 3:6


2 thoughts on “nuts are everywhere

  1. Aunt Melanie says:

    Your post reminded me of something I have not thought about in years. When I was kid growing up on the farm, there were walnut trees growing along the road. I always thought they grew wild there, but I do not know if that is possible–for walnut trees to grow wild. Now I am wondering if some farmer from generations ago had planted them there. Like the two boys in the photograph, we used to gather the nuts and thought it was great fun.

    That word, “walk,” is so filled with meaning. So simple, so condensed, yet so descriptive of Christ’s relationships with people. It reminds me also of another simple phrase–when Christ told the fishermen disciples to launch into the deep.

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