something different about you

ahhhhh…home again. My own bed is always a good thing but time away was too short. The new people I met were amazing and the sights……..

You are so creative God! What a variety of people you brought together for this outing.

Before the trip a fellow travellor questioned that I was driving at 6 plus hours to do some kayaking, staying one night then driving home again. She was in my car as we pulled into the cottages….right then she said, “Now I understand.” She had the same parting words to me after kayaking, a great group dinner, lazy bonfire and more kayaking the following day. They stayed two more nights.

I apparently also surprised her by my “non-reaction” when the 5th wheel with bike rack backed up at the stop sign and hit my front end and I told the driver, “I don’t see a problem.”

I think Jesus was speaking loudly to her, I didn’t have to say a word! My prayers continue that soon in other conversation about Jesus she would say, “Now I understand!”

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