running to or from

When sharing my story, many times I’m saying, “God said…..” and yes, even in church circles I get those looks.

I don’t take this phrase lightly. I’ve read enough and encountered people who hear from God and they make me wonder….

I still can’t deny He speaks.

Do you ever not dare to tell your story?

Maybe others look at you funny or question your sanity. They did to Jesus too.

Lately in these conversations I’m saying, “I realize not everyone hears Him.” Depending on the conversation, I ask if they hear His voice. Many say no and I wonder….do they hear and just not recognize it?

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.
John 10:27

Are you hearing and following?

If not, be like Samuel and say to God, “Speak, for your servant is listening.” 1 Samuel 3:10

Run to Him – He’s running after you!


6 thoughts on “running to or from

  1. Aunt Melanie says:

    I know Protestants often say, “God said….” or “God told me to…..” Like you, I think people have to be very careful, yet not afraid, to reveal themselves in this manner. I think what they mean–and you are probably better informed on this than I am–is that they believe they are doing the will of God. In the Catholic tradition, I think they would refer to this as a ‘calling’ or as a ‘vocation.’ Priests and nuns, for example, feel that they have been called to serve God in a certain way. I really do not know how the Eastern Orthodox would express this.

    I once attended a Protestant religious gathering–similar to your photograph. We had to stand in line to enter because it was a huge gathering and many people were trying to get in. And, you know, people start talking to whoever is standing in front of them or behind them. One young lady kept saying, “And told me to….” “But I….” “And then God said….” Now, I just really suspected that God was not talking to her that much–not that it’s impossible–but I felt this was all going on in her own mind and that she just wanted attention from the crowd.

    I wonder if there are various ways of listening to God’s voice: listening through reading the Bible, through other people whom He sends into our lives, through a good sermon. I think it really comes down to following Christ and understanding His will for our life–and people possibly have different ways of discovering and expressing this.

  2. Aunt Melanie says:

    I wonder if hearing God could also be the same as seeing God. Few people have had direct experiences of God. I am thinking of St. Paul on the Road to Damascus, the Transfiguration and the three disciples who witnessed it, and the Archangel Gabriel speaking to Mary.

    If people believe they hear or see God, I wonder if this is an indirect experience of God. For example, someone might ‘see’ God in the Autumn leaves or ‘hear’ Him in the wind. This would be an appreciation of God’s creation and a recognition of God as Creator. In terms of loving our neighbor, we ‘see’ Christ in him or her.

    However, personally, I would be very careful about discerning the will of God in my life or claiming that God told me to do something. There is a lot of room for delusion and fantasy in this. For example, I created my blogs for my own reasons: but, I felt (intuitively, instinctively, spiritually–I know these are vague words) that it was acceptable to God that I do so. I cannot say that God told me to. Yet, I believe or have faith that it was within His plan for my life that I do so. Maybe, linguistically, some people would interpret that to mean “God told me to.”

    I think the problem I am having with today’s post is: (1) How literal to take it, (2) Differences in denominational style or emphasis, (3) Discerning the will of god as opposed to falling into delusion, and (4) The possibility of ‘hearing’ His voice simply through reading the Bible.

  3. Very much the type of questions I have asked A.M. I did not grow up in church so a lot less background and knowledge than you have. I think of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I didn’t understand much of this until I experienced it…like my post a couple days ago.

    I realize there are now many labels to religion and I do not concentrate on denominations but instead I look more to the living breathing Word of God and the Holy Spirit bringing it to life. Much is still very Greek to me. My life and writing is more (not all) about my experiences more than the education. College theology certainly did not prepare me for having conversations with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    When I use the words, “God said..” I am meaning conversation. He has told me to leave a couple churches by saying my time there was done, He has warned me He would have me leave my job…then 9 months later He told me to give my notice. My logic was I can’t…I have no savings and be an artist? I won’t make it. I am making it…not easy, but I have surrendered to His will and do trust He works all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. He has said lets go for a drive…I do and ask Him, left-right-straight? He answers and shows me to a beautiful beach I never knew was there. While driving I will ask Him if I need to go anywhere else. He has directed me to other stops on some days. I don’t always see purpose to it but He has said before my obedience is more important than the outcome. These words were not Bible verses or nature. But would we even have the Bible if God did not speak? I don’t believe He stopped communicating.

    When this first started happening – before the above examples – I was very much like Samuel – wondering who is speaking to me. So I asked people…nope, others around me didn’t hear from Him. I do know others now who do since I continue with the question depending on conversation. I researched further specifically on hearing God’s voice – not just the evidence of Him in nature or the feeling that what I was doing was correct.

    Many use the word coincidence that I think at times is really God but not understood by the people to be His hand. I’m not talking about a sale at the shopping mall the day I happen to stop. I have where a topic or verse I write one night, the next morning the same is in my daily email verse, shared by another or in my Bible reading before bed. That I consider affirmation.

    I accepted Jesus as Savior one year but I don’t believe I let the Holy Spirit have center stage until about five years later…then life changed considerably and I was hearing Him. (John baptized with water but Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit…and tells the disciples to wait for that Counselor.) More of this happened while studying “Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby with the church I was at. I consider myself a Jesus follower, child of God who has received the Holy Spirit – not Protestant, Pentecostal or other manmade label.

    I do believe from my reading and teachings that the Holy Spirit is our counselor and interpreter. So I guess I really believe the Holy Spirit is speaking but I say God since I consider Father, Son and Spirit all one. Discerning….that part can be difficult. Most things I read say voices are either God, self or deceiving spirits. We can take authority over all our thoughts to have the mind of Christ. Deceiving spirits will not agree that Jesus came in the flesh. 1 John 4 so I ask the voice if Jesus came in the flesh…if no answer – I process the prayer and conversation further.

    I could go on but please email if you want to chat further or post again here. Very good questions and thank you for being open to sharing them. I think some are blessed to hear Him a LOT – I keep praying for more and another reason I have loved my season of living in more silence.

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