step together, step

Life is a dance – isn’t it?

One step left, two right, turn, twist, arms raised, bend low, lift slowly.
(or is that vacuuming?)

As a child I loved to dance. I wanted to take classes so badly but NOT in the budget – so I danced at home, with friends, at school, with pompom squad and yes – watching American Bandstand too. It was hard to find partners but I was moving everywhere.

Several years after dance outings stalled I also had back surgery. That stopped even more of my jolting movements but not the stirring inside. About 10 years later I had the opportunity for a beginning dance class around the age of 40. My knees will never be the same but what a time to treasure.

I am amazed as I think about this childhood dream and how God made it happen.

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

6 thoughts on “step together, step

  1. Richard L Rice says:

    “Life is a dance.” That explains my life; I was born with two left feet. You’ll have to dance for both of us!

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