I am…
You are…
It is…


Ruffled Feathers - Available

Actually when God created man He said, “Very good.” Then why all the comparisons and condemnation?

The world tries to tell us we aren’t good unless…

People want us to meet their standards – we never do.

We stress and worry about what others think and try not to ruffle feathers or offend. We hold our tongue, hide our hearts, and don’t dare to be ourselves for the sake of everyone else’s comfort level.

I may be bold but I am guilty too.

If Jesus is the model we should follow, do you think we’re doing a good job? He even boldly told his friend Peter, “Get behind me Satan.” (good old blog on the topic)

Our goodness comes from God but our worldly actions aren’t always what God wants – quite often we let Satan play our strings.

Now off to study more on yesterdays topics.


4 thoughts on “goodness

    • You are real Kristine but I understand what you’re saying and how it isn’t overnight. I think it’s a lifelong thing as God helps us understand ourselves. Grace and peace to you!

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