off in the distance…

TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS and all through the house…

I remember memorizing that poem/song as a child. I don’t think we really celebrated Jesus even though I do remember nativity things around. My focus was Santa and Snoopy. I know we sang plenty of carols about the Holy Night and the visit of the Three Kings. I thought Rudolph was the star in the sky the Shepherds saw while watching their flocks.

It makes Christmas time much different now that I understand more of Jesus’ life and the stories of both the Old and New Testaments.

I’m sure little ones around would have changed some of this but now my focus has definitely left Santa up on the house top. Remembering grandma’s offers of bribery to get the family to sing and how she didn’t want to hear about being run over by reindeer.

No decking the halls this year – I think I’ll go be a little drummer or maybe it’s a silent night with some cookies and milk.


8 thoughts on “off in the distance…

  1. Funny, I bought that read aloud book for my two little grand children in New Jersey this year. As for me, I’m with you, drumming along with a silent night.
    Merry Christmas, Judi!

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