troubles and treasures

Journal 1/9/11 My reading and thoughts lately are on troubles and treasures.

We need irritations to get pearls of wisdom.
We need extreme heat to get beautiful glass.
We need sorrows to fully know joy.
We need trouble to really grasp Jesus.

If life is smooth – we won’t have deep spirituality.

Many feel they have it made. Life has had some minor issues but their dreams have happened just like they planned and they are part of a church and have invited Jesus in their hearts. But do they have a full life? They think so and I really don’t know. BUT if life is about comfort and ease, I don’t personally think a person has gone too far with Jesus.

God’s Word tells us to be more like Jesus. Goodness – His life was filled with persecution.

Have you known persecution?

His life was about imprisonment for sharing the Words of His Father.

Have you lost your freedom or respected position because of sharing His love?

Jesus was beaten and crucified.

You are still breathing my friend.


4 thoughts on “troubles and treasures

  1. Aunt Melanie says:

    We are fortunate to have the internet and blogs: may we be good stewards of this freedom of expression. Christians in other countries are being excluded, imprisoned, beaten, and killed.

  2. Troubles and treasures – all gifts given by the God who loves us
    Sometimes we just have waiting times – refining times – to get us ready for His next Step
    Looking forward to the new direction He has planned for me and for you – through your writings and art
    God Bless you Judi

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